Victoria Conference Center Mural – Victoria, B.C.

mural artist victoria bcThe Creation of the Victoria Conference Center Mural

By Victoria Mural Artist – Mario Labonte


victoria conference center mural

In response to the commitment to the “go green” concept of the Victoria Conference Center, I was commissioned to visually transform a 35 foot concrete parkade wall into a work of art.

As mentioned on the Victoria Conference Center website:

The VCC is an eco-friendly environment, within a sustainable city, and part of our greater region which is at the forefront of the green movement. We have been recognized and awarded as a green building with eco-friendly operations and infrastructure. We have been certified as a BOMA BESt building.  “Building Environmental Standards” (BESt) is a national program launched in 2005 by BOMA Canada (Building Owners and Managers Association) to address an industry need for realistic standards for energy and environmental performance of existing buildings based on accurate, independently verified information. We are an active member of GMIC (Green Meeting Industry Council) and advocate the work they do.

Since the mural was to represent  “going green”, I decided a good approach would be to design the wall and create somewhat of an illusion.  By painting a broken cement wall opening up to a pristine scene, I thought this would be the best way to bring awareness towards a cleaner, greener future.

I feel very honored to be part of  the Victoria Conference Center’s dedication and vision in bringing about this  “greener global consciousness “.

Victoria, B.C. MuralsVictoria BC artist Mario Labonte painting the mural at the Victoria Conference Center.

Follow my progress of the Victoria Conference Center mural below.


victoria conference center muralThe wall at it’s original state before having to fill all the holes in the cement and applying several coats of primer.

Thank you Steve and Wayne for your hard work in prepping the wall.

victoria conference center muralSketching the details on the VCC mural

victoria BC muralsMore sketching…

mural artist victoria BCNow is time to start adding some paint to the mural…

mural artist victoria BC

mural srtist victoria BCThe Victoria Conference Center mural is starting to come alive…

victoria coneference center muralLooking good!…

victoria BC murals

victoria conference center muralLeaning on the tree taking a break from the mural:)

mural artist victoria bcAdding the first layer of the moss on the trees

mural artist victoria bc

mural artist victoria bcNow working on building up the moss highlights one layer at a time…

mural artist victoria bcAlso adding the first color layers onto the cement wall…

victoria conference center muralThe mural is now starting to bring out the 3-D illusion I am trying to convey…

mural artist victoria bcI am quite pleased with the result at this time…

victoria conference center muralTime to start adding details on the rocks in the mural

vcc muralMore rock detailing…

mural artist victoria bcThe rocks are taking shape…

window art murals victoria bc

victoria conference center muralWorking on the water and adding trees to the scene…

mural artist victoria bcA detailed view…

mural conference center victoriaAdding more trees…

conference center mural victoriaAnd more trees…Also working on the river

victoria conference center mural

victoria conference center mural

mural artist victoria bcThe trees have some slight highlights added to them here which is bringing them to life…

mural artist victoria bcmural artist victoria bcA closer view…

mural artist victoria bcTime to start painting the bear into the mural…

victoria conference center muralMr.Bear is coming alive!…A few more layers of paint and he should be completed.

victoria conference center muralDetail of the completed Victoria Conference Center mural.

vcc_mural_eagle_webEagle detail of the completed Victoria Conference Center mural.

vcc_mural_eagle2_webOverall view of the completed Victoria Conference Center mural.




The art of Christmas window painting Victoria BC

     The art of painting Christmas windows here in Victoria, BC and on other parts of Vancouver Island over the years has been a very rewarding experience so far. I love being able to share this passion of mine painting windows, knowing that my art somehow manages to bring joy into the lives of those who view it.

When I first began paintings Christmas windows I painted big fat Santa’s, wreath’s, bells, reindeers and all the other characters related to the festive occasion. The image below is an example of one of my earlier paintings.

christmas window painting victoria bc

Christmas window painting by Mario Labonte Victoria BC “Toy Train”

As time went on I ended up creating the first winter landscape window painting which has now become extremely popular and imitations of my work can now even be seen in many cities around the world. I have to admit that when I see other artists painting these Christmas snow scapes, I feel flattered that they emulate my work.

I remember to this day when I painted the first ever Christmas winter wonderland scene here in Victoria, I had a huge crowd gathering around me and folks were simply complimenting my work left and right.  I have to say that I even impressed myself! From that day forward I mastered my techniques and needless to say my white Christmas landscape window paintings became an instant best seller. Next thing I know is that, because of popular demand I stopped painting fat santa’s etc… And was now mainly only painting these winter scenes.

Below are a few examples of Christmas winter landscapes painted in Victoria, BC

christmas window painting grand pacific hotelChristmas window painting by Mario Labonte Victoria BC “Grand Pacific Hotel”

christmas window painting victoria bcChristmas window painting by Mario Labonte Victoria BC “Victoria Airport Authority”

christmas window art victoria bcChristmas window painting by Mario Labonte Victoria BC “BC Ferry”

     Over the years of painting my Christmas landscapes, I hear over and over again folks commenting on various reasons why they enjoy my art…Here are a few of the most popular comments I hear;

***”Your window paintings truly are inspirational to look at, they are very classy looking and even though they have many similarities they all are original one to the other”

***“Christmas is so commercial these days, but your paintings bring a sense of calmness to all the hype surrounding the occasion”

***“I love that your paintings can be kept up all winter long and not just for Christmas”

***“Christmas can be a hard time of the year for many people because of various financial or emotional reasons, your paintings seem to bring joy and peace and it seems like it makes people forget about their problems they might have at the time”

***“I love the fact that your paintings are politically correct, even someone who does not celebrate Christmas can enjoy the art”

***“You remind me of that guy on TV Bob Ross who paints HAPPY L’IL TREES!”

I have to tell you that I really enjoy hearing what people think about my paintings, it really is heart warming to know that through my art I am able to bring a little joy into your lives.

Thank you for taking the time to come to my website, I appreciate your support in the arts!

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Mural in progress (LittleThaiPlace Langford)

little thai place langford mural

My latest mural which I am about to begin will be at the LittleThaiPlace restaurant located in Langford, Victoria BC.


Unlike some of the other murals I’ve painted in restaurants which were not open yet to the public because of complete renovations, the Little Thai Place in Langford will remain open as I work my magic.

At certain times I will be working painting the mural during open hours and at other times I will be working after hours on this project.

Hopefully I will not spill any paint on anyone’s delicious thai food plates…:)

The Little Thai Place restaurant in Langford is quite an amazing space and will be a perfect canvas for me to let my brushes go loose!

I invite you to come often, dine and savor the amazing food prepared by some of the best chefs in this city…

Come often and watch as I transform the restaurant from it’s existing look to what it will become.

Follow this page as it is here that I will be posting the progress of the mural for you.



Well a few days have since passed where I began the mural work…

There is a mezzanine in the restaurant and I decided to begin working upstairs, especially since I can work during open hours.

Here are a few photo’s of the walls…

Little Thai Place Mural LangfordHere I begin painting the walls by layering a couple of  different colors.

little thai place muralThere are several concrete pillars in the restaurant, I decided to soften them up by making them look like solid wood.

little thai place muralA detailed view of the pillar. The next step will be to also add lighter colors.

little thai place muralThe faux wood panels are being detailed with wood grain patterns. I’ve also added a little ledge on top which will eventually

have some objects placed on them. This will help create a little depth to the mural walls.

little thai place muralAnother angle for you.

little thai place muralWorking on an opposing wall and beginning the first few layers of texture for the the faux wood.

little thai place muralOh it’s looking good if I may so so myself:)

20130607_140301The far left wall…

little thai place muralThe far left wall and pillar…

little thai place muralMore of a detailed view…

little thai place muralI think the LittleThaiPlace mural is starting to come together very well…

Still have to add all the texturing and illustration details to all the top walls.

little thai place muralMoving along…I see another couple of walls that will be needing some TLC:)

little thai place mural

Hmmm…Looks like a fresh new canvas to work on.

Let’s get started on painting the wall.

little thai place mural Painting the background colors…

little thai place mural More layering…

little thai place mural I decided to add a painted shelf with a bonsai on it…

little thai place mural The bonsai is coming along just fine at this point…

little thai place mural Detailed view…

little thai place mural Now I will be painting my way down the staircase leading to the main dining floor…

little thai place victoriaLooking up from the main floor…

little thai place victoriaA peek at some of the walls awaiting downstairs…

murals victoria BC artist

murals victoria BC artist

murals victoria BC artist

murals victoria BC artistStarting to prep the walls with some background colors…

murals victoria bc

murals victoria bc

murals victoria bcPainting the window frame which will have a view onto the Bangkok water market

murals victoria bc

murals victoria bcTime to paint the center pillar in the lower dining area

murals victoria bc

murals victoria bcFixing the wall and getting it ready for the Bangkok river market scene

murals victoria bcThe opposing wall…

murals victoria bcWorking on the main entrance to the Little Thai Place in Langford

murals victoria bcA view of the finished wall mural in the main entrance

murals victoria bcAnother main entrance wall tucked in the corner

murals artist victoria bcThe finished wall


Now is time to start painting the Bangkok water market scenes on both walls below…

murals artist victoria bc

murals artist victoria bcReady to start painting the Bangkok water market mural in the LittleThaiPlace restaurant

murals victoria bc

murals victoria bcA detailed view…

little thai place victoria muralTime to start adding details to the mural…

murals victoria bc

Little Thai Place market is coming along fine!

mural art victoria bcDetail view Little Thai Place Langford mural

mural artist victoria bcNow is time to start working on the opposing wall to continue the water market scene…

mura art little thai place victoria bc

mural artist victoria bcNow that the buildings have been added to the mural, it is time to start painting details to make it full of life…

mural artist victoria bc

window art murals victoria bc

mural artist victoria bc

I just need to add a couple small details yet, but this is pretty much the finished wall mural…

murals victoria bc

Now is time to paint the walls in the 3 washrooms of the restaurant.

little thai place mural

murals victoria bcmural artist victoria bc

Murals, Window Art by Victoria BC artist Mario Labonte


Comments welcome below…

Ok it’s lunch time now…Time to feed the starving artist:)

The yummiest Thai food in Victoria, BC






Mario Labonte Mural and window painting art in Victoria, BC Canada

Random Mural Pictures


Enjoy these random detail images from murals and window paintings I’ve completed…

Mario Labonte

mural art victoria bcFantasy Lamdscape Mural painted on canvas

A reproduction of this painting is now available for purchase… Click here

artistbc_web001Bald Eagle in flight detail view…

murals victoria bcBald Eagle in flight…

murals victoria bcOrca whales

window art victoria bcWindow Mural Painting

window painting victoria bcA fun Halloween window painting

murals victoria bcDetail of wall mural for kids play room in a fitness center…

window painting victoria bcDetail from window art mural…

window art victoria bcDetail from window art mural…


~~~More coming soon~~~

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Making of the LittleThaiPlace Mural


Working on painting the mural at Little Thai Place at the  Shelbourne Plaza in Victoria was a real treat…


My aim on this mural project was to give the impression that you are actually walking into a painting and not simply looking at a painting.  If I may say so myself, I believe that I managed to accomplish  this.

Enjoy the before, during and completed mural photo’s and descriptions below.

little thai place mural

little thai place victoria mural

     As you can see in the images above I have a blank canvas to work with. The old LittleThaiPlace was completely gutted and renovated to make it a truly unique dining experience that it is today.  The authentic Thai food is to die for and the mural is a visual feast for the eyes and senses. For all you Thai food lovers out there, I recommend you come and visit sometimes soon:)

If you have not viewed the video yet you can have a look here or go to my video page.

The following images below will give you a good idea on the progression of the mural…

Little Thai Place Victoria Mural

Considering the 1 month deadline in which I had to complete the mural work in preparation of the opening date for the LittleThaiPlace, I had to really make sure that I approached the job in the most productive manner possible.  Since I had to paint every square inch of the  restaurant, I decided doing all the texture painting first would be the best approach. I could then follow up with all the illustrating as it would become the main features of the mural and allow me to focus without too many distractions.

Little Thai Place Victoria Mural

Little Thai Place Victoria Mural

The wall texture is starting to take shape one brush stroke at a time!

murals victoria bc

The photo above will be where the counter top will eventually be installed.

murals victoria bc

Here you can see the opposing wall in the LittleThaiPlace restaurant. Part of the walls will be painted with a sky scene and the remainder will be covered by shelves and cabinets. Notice the vent pipe on the ceiling, it will also get painted to look old and rusty.

murals victoria bc

This is the front facing wall looking into the kitchen area. Above a chalkboard was painted giving the illusion that it is actually hanging from the wall. The rustic look of the mural is really starting to take shape.

murals victoria bc

Another view of the wall in progress with the newly installed front service counter.

murals victoria bc

A beautifully crafted main entrance divider has been installed and painted. An existing sand blasted glass has been salvaged during the early demolition phase of the LittleThaiPlace and has yet to be installed on the bottom half of the divider.

murals victoria bc

View of the dining hall area leading to the washroom in the background. A couple more chalk boards have also been added to the walls

murals victoria bc

Another view of the wall…

murals victoria bc

The wash room door painted to look rusty.

murals victoria bc

A peek inside…

murals victoria bc

Another peek inside…

murals victoria bc

Most of all the walls in the Little Thai Place have been painted, now time to paint the scenes.

The main entrance walls will be a sky blending in with faint view of  mountain tops, giving the impression that

you are high up looking out onto the distant landscape.

murals victoria bc

It is time now to start working on the main wall…The intent is of giving the viewer a look onto the Thai landscape overlooking the rice fields and farm lands. As you will see on the completed wall, I believe that I managed to achieve this task.

murals victoria bc

Here I am working on the sky and the landscape. I also added a ledge surrounding all the windows to help in creating the illusion you are looking out onto the landscape. This will also help create more depth to the mural.

murals victoria bc

A view from outside looking in…

murals victoria bc

Adding details to the Little Thai Place mural.

murals victoria bc

More details…

murals victoria bc

The mural is really transforming itself at this point….

Below are the images of the completed Little Thai Place mural.

murals victoria bc

Little Thai Place restaurant Victoria, BC mural by Mario Labonte

murals victoria bc

Little Thai Place restaurant Victoria, BC mural by Mario Labonte

murals victoria bc

Little Thai Place restaurant Victoria, BC mural by Mario Labonte

murals victoria bc

Little Thai Place restaurant Victoria, BC mural by Mario Labonte

murals victoria bc

Little Thai Place restaurant Victoria, BC mural by Mario Labonte

murals victoria bc

Little Thai Place restaurant Victoria, BC mural by Mario Labonte

murals victoria bc artist

Thank you for looking at my art…Feel free to comment on my work, post any feedback or contact me if you wish to have a mural painted in your home or business. You can also visit the main LittleThaiPlace restaurant website by clicking on the image below.

little thai place victoria


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