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Wall murals, window paintings and fence murals in Victoria BC

by Mario Labonte

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Affordable Window Paintings In Victoria BC.



Window Paintings

Affordable beautiful seasonal themed window paintings which will embellish your place of business or home windows and certainly get you noticed.
Residential and commercial window paintings.
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Victoria, BC.

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Wall Murals

All wall and window art murals are hand painted with love and care. The sky is the limit when it comes to what can be painted!…
Daycare murals, children room murals, residential murals, garage doors, fences, commercial business murals, the list is endless.

I am always looking forward to hearing from you and brainstorm some ideas to paint your wall mural, do not hesitate to contact me anytime. You will also find more of my mural designs at

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Fence Mural Paintings
Victoria BC

Beautiful colourful murals painted

directly onto your fence. Fence murals are an affordable way to spice up your yard and enhance the garden. Mario’s brushes and paints are ready to create a beautiful scene on your fence.

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Have a beautiful creative day!

Mural artist Victoria BC

Mario Labonte

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